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By John Eberhard

When you are running any kind of marketing campaign, it is vital to be able to track how well it is working, and this is usually measured by the number of responses you are getting.

But I have noticed that many companies are poor at asking people what made them respond to the company. And even if people are asked, often they can’t give an accurate answer of what caused them to respond.

So over the last few years I have gotten into the habit of using trackable phone numbers for client marketing campaigns.

This is especially vital for pay per click advertising campaigns, such as Google Ads campaigns and Facebook ad campaigns, where you want to be able to carefully track the cost per lead. It is also vital for any direct mail campaigns.

The way this works is you get an account with one of the companies that offers trackable phone numbers. I use Callrail.com but there are a number of companies that do this. They supply you with a phone number using your area code, and the calls are bounced over to your phone. All the calls that come into that number are tracked, and you can go online any time to count them.

Then you put that phone number into your ad and/or on your landing page. Different media should use a different trackable phone number so you can tell how many calls are coming in from that media, i.e. one number for Google, another number for Facebook, etc. Depending on how detailed you want to get and how many campaigns you are running, you can use a different number for each of your Google campaigns, for each of your Facebook campaigns, etc.

I have one client where I have been managing Google Ads for them for over 10 years, and the phone calls that come in from their trackable phone number, from Google Ads, account for half to two thirds of their leads. If I was just tracking the people who filled out a form on the landing page, I would not be getting an accurate gauge of the success of the campaigns. There is a wide variance between different industries on how many people fill out a form versus how many people call.

So a trackable phone number is a great way to track where all your phone call leads are coming from.

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